Ctrl-F Ctrl - F
The file searching tool

Ultra-fast network drive file searching

Search millions of files on your network drives in seconds


Searching for files on your network drives using Windows Explorer takes too long


Drive access is slow because it's across a network

Windows Explorer looks at file attributes such as file type, size and last modified date


Ctrl-F the file searching tool

Periodic scans of your network drives create files which CtrlF uses to perform searches

The result search your entire drive in seconds perhaps even fractions of a second

The benefits

Time saving. The times savings Ctrl-F offers are immense. For example a search with Windows Explorer which takes 20 minutes could be reduced to 2 seconds.

Document retrieval speed. Imagine your client contacts you, you could have all their documentation at your fingertips in seconds ready to discuss with them on that call making you look very efficient.

Search within results. Instantly drill down as many levels as you like refining your search.

How it works

1. Your IT department, or one of your more advanced PC users sets up the periodic scans.

2. After these scans, each user updates their application which takes a minute or two.

3. You can begin fast searching your drives opening files & folders.